About Me

THIS BLOG HAS MOVED TO paperchimes.blogspot.com

I'm a manga/anime fan- I got into it about 6 or so years ago, simply because a friend of mine decided to sit down and show me some neat cartoons she found called "anime". I wasn't impressed- the one she decided to show me was an insipid harem called [i]Final Approach[/i]. The humor in it was not for me, and every time I was over she kept showing me something juvenile or just not to my tastes.

That all ended when I accidentally downloaded 'Baccano!', when she was trying to get me into a different series. [i]Baccano![/i] caught my interest in a way I never thought animation could- it was dark, violent, funny. I was impressed, and while I've gone on an anime haitus for a year since then, since almost my friends share my interest to some degree, it's hard not to be drawn back in.

I do have hobbies and interests outside of this, though. I'm currently earning my degree, am big on reading in general, crochet, and RP online. I've fallen away from general gaming since my computer can no longer handle the new games that come out.

But why do I blog? I actually started this for myself just over a year ago- April 2010. I needed a place where I could store long reviews for a story that reminded myself what I liked about a series, what I didn't, what age it would be appropriate for. Then people started to read my blog, so I revised how I did things, and since then it's become a constantly-evolving site. It's little things that get changed- adding or taking something away from the format, discovering how to hyperlink to my other reviews, adding an index so people can find them alphabetically.

Now, I'm not always prompt or timely with my reviews. Sometimes it's because I'm lazy. Sometimes it's because life happens. Sometimes it's because I'm just not inspired to write (hey, it happens!). But I try to turn out something that reads well, that is thorough and thoughtful. I can see how I've changed and gotten better at this since I've started, and I hope that I'll continue to do so.