Why Anime/Manga

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I think many people would ask "why manga and anime"? Well, for me, it was a distinct dearth of shows for older teens. At first I was very hesitant. I mean, something animated? Isn't that for kids? I did think that! But, after a few false starts, discovered that I was very, very wrong. Anime spans a multitude of ages and interests, from stuff that's okay for 3-year-olds, to shows that would interest your grandparents (though the shows for that particular older set are harder to find. I'm sure they're out there, though).

And it's just like any other medium of entertainment- it can look really good, look really bad, have a great storyline or a really dumb one. Seriously, just because a show has live people in it doesn't mean it's good (I'm lookin' at you, American Idol!).

Why review? Aren't there a dozen review sites you there? Yes, but that doesn't mean I don't want to put my stuff out there, or get my opinion heard. So even if no one reads this, I'll be fine. I do it more for myself than anything. But I try to do it well! The last thing I want is strangers coming onto this site and thinking 'Oh, no, it's another dumb site where the reviewer can't spell or punctuate and write in all caps, why should I bother?'.

So I hope this answers most questions you have. If you're an anime/manga newbie, welcome! While I try to be as objective as possible on art style, etc., the thing is, everyone has their own experiences, tastes, and senses of humor that color how they feel about things. So yes, this is all an opinion. Feel free to disagree with me! I just try to write what I do and don't like about a series, so that the people who read this will know why I'm rating it why I do.

Please feel free to write comments/concerns/questions- I'll do my best to answer them.